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A tasteful mix of food news and information, Great Taste Radio will bring listeners Chef Danielle's trademark common sense approach to great food and cooking combined with the best of the DC dining scene. 

These 30-second ready to air radio spots will educate and entertain listeners, covering the confluence of culture and cuisines that makes dining in the DC area delicious, and offering cooking tips and information to help them make informed decisions about the food they cook and eat.

Each spot will focus on a compelling and timely food-related fact, event or trend. The country's fascination with food has skyrocketed in recent years with food-related content found online, on television, and in newspapers. Great Taste Radio will bring this quality content to your radio station, informing and entertaining them while they drive and work.

At 30-seconds each, the spots are the perfect length for sponsors to combine with their own 30-second ad to create 60-seconds of advertising, information and entertainment. Recipes, photos and articles supporting each spot will be made available online. Visitors can also email Chef Danielle with questions and comments that may be used in future segments.

Want to be the first to know about the latest restaurant opening? Need to know how to make a great dish? Clueless about kale? Confused about portion sizes? Look no further. Great Taste Radio is here.

Listen to Great Taste Radio

On Your Way to 5 A Day - Great Taste Radio
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Cherry Picks - Great Taste Radio
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Salad Dressing in a Snap - Great Taste Radio
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The Truth About Serving Sizes - Great Taste Radio
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Take A Lesson From Your Favorite Chef - Great Taste Radio
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